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Supporting the Implementation

As Dr. Phil McGraw (the American TV show host) says: “Awareness without action is worthless”. This is very true in the case of performance analysis and optimization of Mainframe applications. Although awareness is a mandatory step to improvement, there is still a must-do step of the recommendations implementation that is required in order to get all the benefits of the optimization.

A significant percentage of the time, effort, knowledge and expertise are spent on collecting the required information, analyzing it and getting to the right change recommendations. Still, at this point in the process no savings and improvement have been achieved. The last step that usually takes relatively little time (for instance, in the case of removing a column from an index) “generates” the 100% of the savings and improvement.

This 0/1 game is very important to realize before starting an optimization project, since there needs to be a clear definition of who is going to implement the recommendations and when will this take place. InnovizeIT’s experience shows that failing to plan the change implementation, reduces projects’ success.

InnovizeIT believes it is best for its customers to take ownership of incorporating the changes in their systems through their standard development cycles. This ensures that site-specific procedures are followed, and that full testing occurs before improvements are put into production. Still, since InnovizeIT is committed to the success of its customers, it offers a service of supporting the implementation of its recommendations in customer’s systems.

Whether InnovizeIT assumes an active role in the recommendations implementation phase or not, the level of commitment for the recommendations that are provided is similar. The importance of planning how improvements are going to be implemented and what mechanism will be used for measuring the optimized performance cannot be overstated. Without the implementation and measurement phases, performance optimization projects are positioned to miss their main benefits. InnovizeIT is here to ensure this is not going to happen to its customers.