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InnovizeIT provides its industry leading technology, InnovizeIT for DB2, complemented by several services in order to create value for its customers. InnovizeIT focuses on analyzing and improving database intensive Mainframe applications, specifically DB2 based enterprise scale applications.

Experience shows that InnovizeIT’s customers are using its solutions in the following main areas:

Its main business and operational benefits are:

  • MIPS Reduction – The most common solution that is focused around reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of Mainframe applications. A very common application is for peak period MIPS optimization.
  • Performance Optimization – Improving the performance of existing Mainframe applications and doing more with less.
  • Ongoing Improvement – Maintaining an ongoing effort of performance improvement, following an initial performance optimization effort.
  • Pre-Migration Optimization – Optimizing the Mainframe application prior to its migration to open platforms (Unix, Linux or Windows).