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InnovizeIT for DB2 was designed from its inception having in mind the limitations of existing solutions. The product aims to solve several main challenges, including: the large volumes of data that is needed for deep analysis, the required proactivity versus monitoring solutions’ reactivity, and the need for optimization before a crisis occurs. The product foundations are built on many years of experience in mainframe application analysis and optimization, and incorporate many of the human smarts into an automated tool that can conduct automatic optimization.

The InnovizeIT technology enables clients to reduce their IT operational costs through advanced performance optimization.

Its main business and operational benefits are:

  • Reduced CPU usage is translated to lower MIP consumption and to lower operational costs.
  • A much higher throughput and business performance with existing hardware.
  • Integration with existing monitoring tools creating a powerful, comprehensive, easy to use and implement, performance monitoring analysis and optimization tool set
  • Application DBAs and SMEs are empowered to make the best use of their resources.

As part of the analysis, InnovizeIT for DB2 estimates potential savings for the generated recommendation, based on actual production data, increasing accuracy and enabling prioritization of optimization activities.

InnovizeIT for DB2 brings application performance optimization into the reach of many large and small DB2 installations with a fast, low risk, high return process.

To learn more about InnovizeIT for DB2, you are invited to access: