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Product Capabilities

InnovizeIT for DB2 offers application performance improvement through an integrated and comprehensive analysis of application components. The proven methodology used by the product consists of two major building blocks: analysis and recommendations. Implementation of the recommendations is usually done by the customers, although InnovizeIT’s experts are available to assist in this key step, as well.


DB2 has extensive performance related metadata capabilities. The Catalog, Plan and Statement tables hold valuable information such as index configuration and utilization, SQL syntax and other relevant data. By looking at this plethora of information and integrating it to draw the bigger picture, it is possible to identify problematic parts of the DB2 schema and its access by SQLs in the application. A series of automated analysis steps look at various aspects of the DB2 structures, the SQL syntax and the SQL access path information, i.e. the usage the SQL is making of the DB2 structures. This integrated approach is capable of uncovering significant issues that are hard to find otherwise.


Next, the system generates recommendations for modifying the DB2 definitions, or their use in the application’s SQL code. InnovizeIT for DB2 creates various types of recommendations, based on the deep analysis described earlier. It can also estimate potential savings for each of the generated recommendations, based on actual production data. These saving estimations are then used for prioritization of optimization activities, so quick wins can be achieved.

Examples for typical recommendations generated automatically are:

  • DB2 definitions: Index columns, their order and uniqueness.
  • Tablespace definitions.
  • Index clustering options.
Adding or removing indexes due to
  • Duplicate or contained indices.
  • Cardinality analysis.
  • Low First Key Card.
  • Inefficient data access.
Changing SQL statements due to
  • Having high CPU and I/O consumption .
  • Accessing data through a non-matching index .
  • Better performing alternative .

See the Descision Support Browser page for sample screenshots of InnovizeIT for DB2.