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Pre-Migration Optimization

Most enterprise scale applications carry embedded performance inefficiencies in their database structures and in the application code.These are consequences of:

  • Limited use of detailed performance related data collected by the database
  • Decades of redevelopment and personnel turnover
  • Limited and non-optimal utilization of enterprise application packages
  • Failing to utilize improved performance of database version upgrades
Using business analytics methodology, the InnovizeIT for DB2 product analyzes all application components, and performance sinks are highlighted through the identification of suboptimal model structures, code patterns and database usage.

Through the use of this methodology, an overall 20-30% performance savings is usually achieved, translating into either lower computing resource demands or to faster online and batch response times.

In the context of a migration / re-hosting project, these savings can set the difference between a lengthy performance testing phase and an easily delivered well performing, optimized application. It may even translate into lower hardware requirements from the migrated application.

A typical pre-migration optimization process looks as follows:

  • Customer uses a job supplied by InnovizeIT to download DB2 catalog, Plan and Statement information from the mainframe based database. No business data is required
  • The information is supplied to InnovizeIT which analyzes it offsite and produces a list of ready to implement changes to the migrated system.
  • A large part of the changes is for modifying, adding or removing indices. This type of modifications can be made with a very low risk of impacting the functional behavior of the migrated application.
  • Some change recommendations are for SQL statements. These are also designed to have no impact on functionality. As the Migrator or Customer is performing functional testing anyway, this is easy to verify.

Using this methodology, the full production information of the legacy application is used to optimize the migrated application, before it is even put into testing.InnovizeIT offers a unique opportunity to deliver a highly optimized migrated system with little additional demands on the migration delivery process and a large impact on delivered performance.