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Ongoing Periodic Assessmentst

As applications and data are dynamic and prone to change, analysis and optimization for performance purposes have to be done on a regular basis. While companies are usually well aware of the costs of not optimizing their systems in compromised service levels, lower customer satisfaction and high price tags, it is very challenging to keep the routine of continuous performance optimization.

A variety of reasons prevent companies from doing this important task on a regular basis, such as: lack of human resources, lack of knowledge, other prioritized burning issues, the “we will do it later” syndrome and others. Lack of awareness, especially at management levels, is also a factor. Managers tend to think that the installed “performance products”, “monitoring tools” and/or “Database tools”, provide a satisfactory support, and they prefer to allocate their resources to intensification oriented missions.

There is no single answer to this question of performance optimization frequency, and different factors affect the answer, such as: rate of change, personnel knowledge, data volumes and the application’s importance. It is recommended to have an automated solution, such as InnovizeIT for DB2, which can analyze the system on a regular basis, and implement the recommended fixes on a periodic and regular basis. It can be combined with running a wider optimization effort once every few years, but if done correctly, this can be redundant.

InnovizeIT offers a “Periodic Assessment” service using its highly experienced and qualified experts. This service is recommended for customers not yet using the InnovizeIT for DB2 product, and can also assist customers that require support in an improved utilization of the InnovizeIT for DB2 product or in conducting a periodic “external-view” assessment of the system.

InnovizeIT services can be provided on-site, or offsite by submitting the DB2 metadata and SQL code for analysis on a secure web site. Scripts for preparing the required inputs can be provided, enabling a cost-effective process and efficient interaction with client personnel. The results of the assessment are compiled into sets of reports showing the current state of the application and detailed recommendations of changes that can improve the system performance, prioritized by their improvement grade.

Results are delivered either on-site, or through an interactive, secure website. Standard and custom reports list optimization recommendations, which may also include expected performance gains. On receipt of recommendations, clients incorporate the changes through their standard development cycle. This ensures that site-specific procedures are followed, and that full testing occurs before improvements are put into production.

This proven methodology provides fast, low-risk, high-gain returns as performance sinks are quickly identified and eliminated.