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Performance Optimization

In today’s competitive world, companies must strive to keep their operating costs at a minimum while delivering the best service to their customers.. As Mainframe computers are still in the heart of many fortune 1,000 companies, the challenge of application performance optimization is critical to most of these organizations.

Optimization in general is not a simple task, and looking for the best available solution might be complicated with the introduction of different contradicting objectives. Nevertheless, IT departments are forced to improve performance on a regular basis, in order to provide better service levels with existing infrastructure and with a shrinking budget. As a result, there is a strong need for reliable optimization solutions that can boost system performance while cutting costs.

Application performance analysis and optimization is a Sisyphean task, and one that needs to be repeated almost immediately on its completion. Specifically when talking about complex Mainframe systems that have evolved over decades, performance must be comprehensively evaluated, including all data and code variations, procedures, hardware and inventory.

As there are usually various changes that can be performed to improve performance, prioritized recommendations are needed for rapid, efficient performance improvements. Using an automated solution that can integrate information from various silos within the organization can satisfy many of these challenging demands. Performance optimization should become an ongoing methodology, done holistically using products that were built for this exact purpose.

InnovizeIT’s proprietary analysis and recommendations technology/methodology provide powerful performance enhancements and operational cost reductions through reduced CPU use and shorter batch windows.

InnovizeIT can help most organizations save 20%-30% of DB2-based application costs, with fees significantly lower than first-year savings. Full return on investment can be achieved before an optimization project is even completed, for a dramatic lift to bottom line results.

What sets InnovizeIT for DB2 apart from existing monitoring solutions? Monitoring solutions look for load spikes, broken operational rules and missed performance targets, which are mainly changes in ‘normal’ operation. Because many performance sinks are part of the status quo application’s operation, monitoring is blind to them. InnovizeIT for DB2 searches proactively for sub optimal performance issues, even when the level of operations is still normal. This unique proactive approach to performance optimization provides the difference in the bottom line.