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Customers & Partners

InnovizeIT's customers include several large international financial and insurance institutions.

InnovizeIT has built a global partner network of industry leading companies, with the clear goal of providing the best value to its customers. InnovizeIT welcomes additional partnerships in areas that can add value to its customers around the world.

InnovizeIT’s current customer base and partner network includes, among others, the following:

  • DataKinetics

    Cedacri Group

  • iteam - IT division of Mizrahi Tefahot bank

  • IBM

    InnovizeIT is a member of the IBM Global Entrepreneur and IBM PartnerWorld Programs

  • AppBuilder

  • Critical Path Software

  • IXI Consultants

  • Market Experts

  • Log-On Software

  • MOST Technologies

  • proAxis - IT Solutions and Business Development

  • TPS Data - Training, Consulting, Software