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InnovizeIT for DB2

InnovizeIT for DB2 is a comprehensive solution helping Mainframe customers in significantly improving performance of enterprise-scale, data-intensive mainframe applications. Based on gathered experience, a major performance improvement of 20% - 30% is an achievable goal in most cases.

InnovizeIT for DB2 combines business analytics of catalog, plan and statement tables, with a pro-active approach that automatically identifies hidden performance sinks in index and other DB structures, in SQL practices and most difficult to find otherwise – in misfits between SQL and the indices that are used.

InnovizeIT for DB2 leverages enterprise server data to evaluate performance. Unlike other optimization products or services that monitor and point to process bottlenecks, InnovizeIT for DB2’s proprietary technology uniquely combines automated analysis of all application elements for insightful change recommendations.

InnovizeIT for DB2 offers a combined and comprehensive analysis of application components. As indicated, it analyzes several aspects of the DB2 database, catalog tables (metadata and SQL syntax), and application access information (Plan and Statement tables). It then points to the performance sinks and recommends remediation steps generating schema AND specific code change recommendations. The algorithms used are based on deep knowledge of DB2 and its behavior when combined with large data volumes and diverse code structures.

The product weights the severity of each case and pinpoints the worst offenders first. The sophisticated analysis tools use all the detailed performance related information collected by DB2 and provide for deep insights which, due to the complexity of the analysis, are impossible to come by otherwise.

Analysis stage
  • Using Business Analytics methodology to analyze all application components.
  • Highlighting performance sinks through the identification of suboptimal DB2 model-structures, code patterns and database usage.
  • Continuous analysis and history logging to monitor performance improvements or pinpoint the reason for degradation.
Recommendations stage
  • Automated process recommends remediation steps.
  • Suggests priorities, providing fast track to the low hanging fruit.
  • Assists the user in the evaluation and decision process.

InnovizeIT for DB2 is a PC-based product that requires no installation or additional workloads on the Mainframe. It currently supports DB2 z/OS and will soon support DB2 LUW.