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Application Performance Health Assessment

It is a common understanding that abandoning one’s health is not a responsible behavior. The same is true for the health of enterprise applications. Ignoring the health of main business applications may have several outcomes, all of them negative: service levels will drop, costs will rise (as the need to allocate more resources increases), the risk for problem-free operations will grow and the time spent maintaining the system will increase.

Another major trap in the IT world is not present in regular life – existing tools. As enterprises have invested in different tools along the years, monitoring tools, database maintenance tools, performance management tools and others, a misconception leads to believe that everything is under control. The truth is different – most of these tools are designed to locate or even predict a major breakdown, but are not designed, nor equipped with the capabilities for finding health problems that left un-treated might lead to a major breakdown. The main reason for this is that most tools are designed to “get used to” the current situation and adjust their thresholds accordingly. When the application’s performance slowly deteriorates, most tools will not figure it out until it is too late.

InnovizeIT’s unique service offering “Application Performance Health Assessment” helps customers by taking a snapshot of their current situation and figuring how good their application performance health is. Unlike other approaches, this health check result is in absolute terms, not relative to current performance levels. InnovizeIT takes advantage of its unique technology, InnovizeIT for DB2, and together with its experienced services experts can provide a set of reports indicating the general health status, major problematic areas and high-level recommendations for the next step. The next steps can be supported by InnovizeIT’s expertise and technology, as well, but this is not a must and customers can decide to use other vendors or do take action with their internal resources.

This service varies in difficulty and duration based on the applications’ size and complexity. For a single small application it can take around 5-15 work days, but large enterprise-wide projects might requires a longer and more robust approach. The service can be provided on or off-site, by downloading meta-data off DB2, analyzing it and generating reports that are returned to the customer.

Using this service customers don’t need to postpone their health check any longer, as InnovizeIT will do it all for them with minimal interference with their ongoing operations.