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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is InnovizeIT?

InnovizeIT was established by highly experienced executives (previously from global companies such as: BluePhoenix Solutions, Amdocs, BMC Software) with extensive Mainframe and Database smarts.

InnovizeIT was established with a clear mission: to improve the performance of enterprise-scale, data-intensive applications for significant operational cost savings.

The company is comprised of a seasoned team of industry experts dedicated to implementing low-risk, high return solutions with unsurpassed service and support for clients worldwide.

Which products do you sell?

Currently InnovizeIT sells its unique product – InnovizeIT for DB2 that supports DB2 on Mainframe platforms. Plans are in place to expand to DB2 on open platforms in the near future. The flagship product, InnovizeIT for DB2, represents a new paradigm in DB2 application optimization. It was developed based on work with several Fortune 500 companies. InnovizeIT’s unique method of system and code analysis quickly identifies performance bottlenecks, and delivers powerful insights, targeted solutions and notable cost efficiencies. Along the way it also empowers existing staff with new capabilities.

What’s in it for me?

InnovizeIT for DB2 can provide various benefits to Mainframe customers using data-intensive applications:

  • Reduction of MIPS consumption by 20%-30%
  • Improve performance, meet service levels and shrink batch windows
  • Continuous performance improvements
  • Improve efficiency of DBA and system teams
The bottom line is that the product returns the investment (ROI) in less than one year!

Do I really have to purchase yet another product if I already have all these monitoring, DB management, and performance management tools?

Monitoring tools as well as DB management and performance management tools look for load spikes, broken operational rules and missed performance targets, which are changes in normal operation. Since many performance sinks are part of the normal application’s operation, monitoring is blind to them. Examples include: duplicate Indices and other index structure problems, non-matching index scan and other query access issues, unnecessary SORT operations and other SQL mistakes.

The proactive search for troublesome issues sets InnovizeIT apart, since it can find problems before they affect the end-users.

It is also important to note that InnovizeIT for DB2 is PC based and does not require a mainframe installation.

If I already have monitoring products installed, can you integrate with them?

InnovizeIT for DB2 integrates with commercial monitoring products resulting in a most efficient, comprehensive and powerful performance optimization tool set. Historic information, collected by monitors and kept in logs, can provide significant information to support the analysis of past events and identify performance sinks over time. These logs collect data on programs that were executed, run times, CPU usage, number of SQLs, locking data, number of Get Pages, SQL calls actually performed, etc. InnovizeIT for DB2 interfaces with the logs' data. This integration, between production/historic data and InnovizeIT for DB2's integrative analysis, results in the generation of enhanced information, and allows focusing the performance optimization activities on the most active/popular programs and on those elements offering a potential for higher savings. Estimating the potential savings will be done using real data and will, therefore, be more accurate.

Do you have other customers using this product already?

InnovizeIT has provided value to many customers around the globe over the years using its Smart Optimization methodology and the InnovizeIT for DB2 solution.

InnovizeIT customers use its solutions and expertise in order to reduce the cost of ownership of their Mainframe applications, as well as to improve the performance of these applications. You can read some of our customer stories in our Customer Stories page.

Do you offer services to support your product implementation?

Yes. In addition to selling our leading product, InnovizeIT is offering services across the performance optimization lifecycle that are complementary to its product offering. The services offer the synergy of an unparalleled product, InnovizeIT for DB2, combined with consulting services provided by a seasoned team comprised of highly experienced IT professionals with proven record in performance optimization initiatives and in-depth database-related knowledge.

The services that are offered by InnovizeIT are: Application performance health assessment , On-going periodic assessments and Supporting the implementation.

How does InnovizeIT for DB2 handle dynamic SQL?

InnovizeIT for DB2 analyzes the whole environment and components, as opposed to looking at specific SQL statements. It provides a complete solution to the challenge of Dynamic SQL calls by exploring the multiple levels - the SQL level, the system level, the logical level and the physical definitions.

Dynamic SQL calls are collected in the dynamic statement cache by DB2, and can be kept in the DSN_STATEMENT_CACHE_TABLE. By including this table in the data downloaded for analysis, as well as including the statements in the data downloaded in PLAN_TABLE, the full InnovizeIT for DB2 analysis can be performed for the dynamic calls.

The combined static and dynamic SQL analysis in relation to the DB2 data structures is a unique capability of InnovizeIT for DB2.

Does InnovizeIT for DB2 generate additional load on the Mainframe?

No, InnovizeIT for DB2 is a PC based solution and there is no need for installing anything on the mainframe. As a result, there is no additional load on the Mainframe.

What type of data is needed to run InnovizeIT for DB2?

DB2 metadata, including SQL syntax and access path information, is needed to run InnovizeIT for DB2. No business-related data is needed. Scripts for preparing the required inputs are provided on demand and a high level of security is maintained according to industry standards.