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DB2 Upgrade Analysis

Leveraging the enhancements and fixes that are part of every new release requires that DB2, as any other software package, be upgraded from time to time. Moreover, DB2 is not just another software package. Being a DBMS, DB2 is tightly coupled with the application using the data stored in it. As a result of these tight connections, upgrading DB2 is not a straight forward and riskless task.

Ignoring this complexity and upgrading DB2 without preliminary analysis might cause serious performance degradation, as a result of non-optimal use of the database by the application. This degradation can happen even in well performing systems, as the application’s usage of DB2 remains unchanged, while the underlying DB2 database is different. This can be summarized in the following phrase: “The DB2 thinks in terms of version X while the application is in an older version”.

In order to prevent performance degradation because of upgrading DB2, InnovizeIT offers the “DB2 Upgrade Analysis” service using its InnovizeIT for DB2 technology. The service includes deep analysis of the DB-related applications in order to identify potential risk areas which may cause performance issues after conducting the upgrade. These areas include: SQL issues, workarounds used for achieving missing functionality, Data Model and other logical issues. Based on this thorough analysis, InnovizeIT provides detailed recommendations for change prior to conducting the upgrade. Following these recommendations ensures a smoother upgrade of DB2.