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Customers Stories

InnovizeIT has provided value to many customers around the globe using its Smart Optimization methodology and the InnovizeIT for DB2 solution.

InnovizeIT’s customers are using these solutions and expertise in order to reduce the cost of ownership of their Mainframe applications, as well as to improve the performance of these applications. As seen in the customer stories below, these goals where achieved in all cases. Additional references are available on demand.

A Large European Bank

Background information:
  • A 13,000 MIPS installation
  • 4,700 DB2 tables, 46,000 programs
  • Project covered 80 critical applications
  • 18 months project
  • Average 32% of customer’s MIPS consumption reduced
  • Reduced execution time for certain jobs from 4,000 seconds to 10 seconds, which reduced:
    • The amount of deadlocks from once a day to zero
    • The number of system operators
  • Improved online support

A Large Telecom Company in North America

Background information:
  • Running an application with 110,000 SRUs (System Resource Units) per month
  • Reduced SRU usage by 64% to 40,000 SRUs per month
  • Saved the customer multi-million USD a year
  • Dramatic savings in backup time
  • Reduction of duplicate execution

An Israeli Bank

  • One of the largest Israeli banks
  • Adopted the product for on-going use
  • Using it to improve performance and reduce MIPS consumption