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InnovizeIT for DB2 Flow Diagram

Main Product Processes:
  1. Data Preparation on Mainframe (data download - scripts generation)
    1. DB2 Catalog tables:
      1. metadata
      2. SQL Syntax
    2. DB2 Access information:
      1. Plan tables
      2. Statement tables (static, dynamic)
    3. Monitoring Information
  2. Transfer data to PC working environment:
    1. Download binary files and transfer to PC
    2. Upload (including EBCDIC to ASCII conversion)
    3. Data Processing
    4. Run queries for initial processing
    5. SQL Syntax Parsing
    6. Gather recommendations by schema objects (indices, tables, etc.)
    7. Calculation of relative cost for each performance issue <still not released>
  3. Recommendations - interactive research
    1. Recommendations display through set of linked screens with Drill Down functionality for research
    2. Recommendation selection
  4. Reporting
    1. Executive level – Dashboard. Summary of issues and recommendations
    2. Detailed reporting
    3. Work Plan